The Faculty of Engineering on the Potchefstroom Campus of the North-West University continually strives to be a training hub for high-quality, versatile and innovative engineers. We pride ourselves on world class teaching standards, a sound value system, innovative thinking and passion.

Engineers find ways to do things better, faster and more efficient. They make life easier by adding value to and optimising available resources. They reduce manufacturing costs by designing better processes. They are the modern day MacGyvers who improve the quality of people’s lives on a continuous basis. In short? The world would be lost without them.

Fields of Study

Chemical and minerals

Chemical Engineers are involved in the research, design, development and management of industrial processes where raw materials are converted to products with higher economic value.
Minerals Processing is a specialist field in Chemical Engineering and deals with the physical and chemical processes used especially to extract metals from ores.


Chemical and Minerals Engineering

Electrical, Electronic and Computer

They are into power generation, electrical systems, circuits, radio transmitters, computers, transistors, software development, microchips, avionics and artificial intelligence systems.

Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering

Mechanical and Nuclear

Mechanical engineers are involved with the development, management and maintenance of transport, energy conversion, manufacturing, cooling and heating systems, as well as industry installations, process equipment, manufacturing of machinery and mining equipment.
Nuclear Engineers design systems that utilizes nuclear processes for energy.

Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering

Industrial Engineering

Industrial Engineers define, design, deploy and refine physical and conceptual systems that improve efficiency, quality, productivity, job satisfaction, certainty and customer happiness.

Industrial Engineering


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