Centre for Research and Continued Engineering Development, Pretoria

The establishment of CRCED Pretoria was a strategic development initiative of the Faculty of Engineering. The centre became a satellite engineering campus of the NWU (Potchefstroom) in 2000 and the campus is situated in Silver Lakes, Pretoria East. 

CRCED Pretoria focusses on energy management and bio-engineering research. Energy management research includes industrial energy simulation, optimisation, and systems development. The bio-engineering research focuses on metabolic or energy-related conditions such as cancer, diabetes and coronary heart disease, which millions of people suffer from, with coronary heart disease the largest cause of death globally. Research into these diseases leads to improved health and longevity.

Our energy research has also made a substantial contribution to assist Eskom with ”keeping the lights on”. It has reduced electricity demand at industrial customers with 400MW.  In the past 10 years, our energy research group has completed over 130 projects with a combined saving of more than 400MW.  This is more than the energy demand of a town like Potchefstroom.


With energy management and bio-engineering as its main focus, the centre’s mission is to:

  • Present postgraduate part-time and full-time study opportunities
  • Contribute to the training of human resources in technology
  • Academic excellence by striving for high research output
  • Produce well-rounded engineers by developing practical career requirements such as technical, writing, presentation, marketing, management skills etc.
  • Practical engineering experience as well as hands-on mentoring to enable fast ECSA-registration as professional engineer
  • Promote academic creativity in energy management and bio-engineering

Contact Details:

Visit us at:

  • CRCED Pretoria
  • 77 Tijger Vallei Office Park
  • 77 Pony Street
  • Tijger Vallei
  • Pretoria
  • 0052