Chemical Engineers are involved in the research, design, development and management of industrial processes where raw materials are converted to products with higher economic value. For instance, turn corn to cornflakes, hops to beer, coal to petrol and algae to electricity.  The chemical industry is one of the greatest gross domestic product contributors in South Africa. Chemical engineering is one of the top 10 scarce skills in South Africa.

Your options as a chemical engineer in South Africa and abroad are:

  • Chemical manufacturers and other industries, such as: petroleum refining, synthetic fuel manufacture, food processing, brewing, minerals processing, paper and pulp, pollution control, manufacture of synthetic fibres, fertilizers and explosives 
  • Organizations as: CSIR, AECI, ESKOM, Sasol, AEC, Sentrachem 
  • Consulting firms
  • Government departments 
  • Universities

Our pride and joy:

  • Eco friendly coal:  Production of a carbonaceous feedstock material from waste carbon sources
  • Biofuels:  Producing diesel from non-food crops

Contact details:

  • Prof. Quentin Campbell
  • School Director: Chemical and Mineral Engineering
  • 018 299 1993
  • NWU, Potchefstroom Campus, Building N1, Room 149A
  • Ms. Annieta Bok
  • Administrative Officer
  • 018 299 1998
  • NWU, Potchefstroom Campus, Building N1, Room 151A
  • Sanet Botes
  • Financial Officer
  • 018 299 1656
  • NWU, Potchefstroom Campus, Building N1, Room 156
  • Prof. Marco le Roux
  • Program manager
  • 018 299 1990
  • NWU, Potchefstroom Campus, Building N1, Room 148A