Postgraduate Diploma in Nuclear Science and Technology at North-West University

NWU has experienced mounting interest in Nuclear Engineering and has found that students holding BSc or BTech degrees (specialised or focused, but also as multi- or interdisciplinary qualifications), are not adequately prepared for Master's level studies in Nuclear Engineering.  To solve this problem NWU decided to offer a Postgraduate Diploma in Nuclear Engineering, which allows for continuation to Master's Degree studies. Because it is also multi- or interdisciplinary in nature, it will better prepare students for Master's level studies in Nuclear Engineering.

The Postgraduate Diploma qualification will, however, not only serve as an articulation route to Master's level studies in Nuclear Science and Engineering but it will also provide an excellent entry level education for the graduate holding either a BSc or a BTech degree who wants to pursue a career in the nuclear industry, but not quite at a level for which a Masters degree is required.

Please contact Bettie Handford for more information:

Tel: (018) 285 2770