Are you a school learner with a love for math and science? Then our students at the NWU Engineering Faculty want to show you how these subjects are used in real life engineering projects.This will help you see how what you’re learning in school right now is actually used in practice.

This programme is run and managed by our engineering students, who have undergone training to develop projects and activities for the learners. They have also been trained to communicate knowledge to pupils clearly. They speak your language. It’s all good, you’ll see.

What do you need to join the Engenius Kids Programme?

  • Must be a good student in Math (at least 70%) and Science (at least 60%)
  • Must be interested in engineering and engineering projects
  • Must have a positive attitude towards the subjects and projects
  • Must be on time, attend every project and strive to reach the aims of the project.

Download your application form here: Application form

Send the completed forms to Sonette Becker at:
Fax:  0865212622