Commercialisation is the process where an innovative idea takes form through the application of the knowledge and expertise of students and staff.

Why is it so important?

Economies grow on the back of innovations. You can have the best researchers and all the knowledge in the world. But if that knowledge is not put into practice where the significance of its social impact can be experienced and measured, it means nothing.

The North-West University is fully committed to the commercialisation process as a way of developing innovative ideas and innovations. These ideas or research topics are then applied and turned into commercial products or services via so called spin off companies. The latter is then positioned within the market to make a profit from teaching, research and other activities on campus. The extent to which innovations have been commercialised by the NWU Faculty of Engineering is significant proof of the wealth of expertise within the Faculty.

The following ideas have been commercialised by the North-West University Faculty of Engineering. Click on the photo to be redirected to their website.