Welcome to all our first years


Congratulations! Your journey to becoming an engineer starts now! Please take note of the following important information:

  • The R&O programme will be entirely ONLINE apart from the software installation.

  • Please note that online registration has been extended to 09 April 2021
  • If you were accepted for a specific engineering programme and want to change to another engineering programme, please register between 8 and 26 March for the ORIGINAL programme. After 26 March you are kindly requested to make contact with the indicated first-year mentors to guide you through the process of changing from one engineering programme to another engineering programme. 
  • The videos of the online R&O programme of the Faculty of Engineering can be found at the bottom of this page. This part of the programme is asynchronous, which means that you do not have to follow the exact schedule printed in the R&O programme booklet. You can work through these items on your time and leisure

Registration information

 Click here for Registration Information and contact details       

 Contact student registration process

 International student registration process

 Guidelines for self registration

 Yearbook: All undergraduate engineering programmes 

 What must i pay? 


Possible registration problem: There is an undertaking that should be signed and if this is not signed, registration will be not be available. Please contact Mrs. Elza Hattingh (Elza.Hattingh@nwu.ac.za / 018 299 4026) for assistance in this regard. If the undertaking was signed, then please ensure that the minimum registration fees of R10 260 is available in the student account before registration will be finalised. 

Mathematics Refresher Course                 

Laptop Requirements                    

 Laptop requirements            

Meet your first year mentors

Classes and Timetables

How to access your campus

Click here for information on how to access your campus


It has come to our attention that the DIY system is refusing to give GREEN TOKENS to gain access to campus.

This matter was attended to by the Registrar and her team and a possible solution was created. 

The system is created to only give access to those students that already have a student card and because you are first time entrance students, you will not have a student card yet. To solve this problem and give you access to campus as soon as possible, the Registrar and her team has given permission for you to gain access to campus via manually screening you at the gates without the GREEN TOKEN. 

Please note that only students that are fully registered will have access to this manual screening. No student that is conditionally registered or not registered yet, will have access. 

Access permits are issued twice a day to all students who have fully registered up until that point. No access will be given to students without a valid Permit. The next batch permits will go out within the next hour.

Please register as soon as possible and obtain a permit, to gain access to campus and participate in the R&O Program and activities. 

Using eFundi

Software Installation Sessions

The R&O programme will be entirely online apart from the software installation.

If you were not able to enter campus on 11 and 12 March, for whatever reason, Ingenium will announce follow-up opportunities for you to collect your software USB up until 26 March 2021. You can then install the software on your own. A final opportunity will be scheduled for 26 March 2021 for you to come to campus to get assistance with your computer setup, if required.


Academic Student Association

Academic Student Associations (ASAs)  are a group of senior students from the faculty that represent you and the rest of the faculty students. At the NWU, we choose new ASAs annually.

ASAs act as the link between you and the faculty, help you with any complaints/queries that you may have, guide you to the right direction and organise events for current and prospective students, among others.

The ASA at the Faculty of Engineering is called Ingenium.


Click here to watch an introduction video of Ingenium

Workshop Practice safety induction and preparation

All first year engineering students are required to complete a workshop practice safety induction and preparation assessment. If you were not able to attend the online session, click here to access the presentation 
Click here to complete the assesment. 


Contact US

For general application enquiries:


For general enquiries

If you would like to join all the other first year students in your programme in a WA-group, Click here to join

Online R&O programme of the Faculty of Engineering

Executive Dean’s Address to First Year Students

Academic Student Association (Ingenium) introduction and information

Bursary Information

Faculty Operational Health and Safety Requirements

Introduction to ECSA Rules 

Discussion on plagiarism within the Faculty of Engineering

Faculty related WhatsApp Groups

Computer Literacy Workshop

Workshop Practice Safety Induction and Preparation




Virtual Reception Day Ceremony