Economies grow on the back of innovation. You can have the best researchers and all the knowledge in the world, but if that knowledge is not put into practice where the significance of its social impact can be experienced and measured, it means nothing. This is even more critical when trying to be competitive during the 4th industrial revolution, in a world that is already gearing up towards the 5th industrial revolution. 

The Faculty of Engineering has a strong focus on building and maintaining relationships with industry, both locally and internationally. Our aim is to connect the faculty’s teaching, research, commercialisation and consultation experience with the needs of the community and industry, ultimately favouring both. With a good track record, a lot has already been done in this respect. Collaboration with the private and public sectors is an essential component of success.


Commercialisation of intellectual property, also known as technology transfer, is the process of transferring scientific research findings from university to market for the purpose of further development, economic growth, and social impact. Standing at the frontier of knowledge, the Faculty of Engineering creates valuable commercial innovations. 

We make sure that the knowledge developed within the faculty translates effectively into economic activity, and therefore works closely together with the University’s Technology Transfer and Innovation Support Office to commercialise innovative ideas and innovations. The extent to which innovations have been commercialised is significant proof of the wealth of expertise within the Faculty. 


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Prof Martin van Eldik
Director: Business Development & Stakeholder Engagement
Faculty of Engineering

Mr FR Bezuidenhout
Faculty of Engineering representative
Technology Transfer and Innovation Support office