Postgraduate Studies in Computer & Electronic Engineering


Artificial Intelligence


The MuST research group offers a postgraduate programme focussed on generalisation. To qualify, prospective students must have an undergraduate degree in a related Engineering field and an interest in machine learning, deep neural networks, statistical pattern recognition and/or generalisation within the context of Artificial Intelligence.


Our students work alongside researchers to study various theories of generalisation and investigate how factors such as learning algorithms and network structures affect generalisation. They use popular deep learning tools, such as Pytorch and Tensorflow, to explore specific questions on existing data sets. Students also learn about machine learning algorithms, development of software and the design and interpretation of machine learning experiments. 


Through its affiliation with the South African Centre for Artificial Intelligence Research (CAIR), MuST is able to offer a number of M.Eng and PhD bursaries annually. We consider applications throughout the year (space allowing), and typically have a recruitment drive in July-September.


Examples of topics:


  • The role of depth in ReLU-activated feedforward neural networks.
  • Activation functions and their effect on the generalisation ability of networks.
  • Node activation in deep convolutional networks.
  • Applying recurrent networks to space weather prediction.


Study leaders: Prof Marelie Davel & Prof Etienne Barnard