Engineering Agri Systems


The aim of the research group is to use proven engineering techniques, as well as applied research to improve agricultural processes, thereby making companies and farms more effective, efficient, and profitable.

Current projects

Research focuses


  • Lean agriculture:
    The research focus of lean agriculture encompasses the integration of lean management principles into agricultural practices, aiming to optimise productivity, minimize waste, and promote sustainability throughout the entire agriculture supply chain. 


  • Food production systems:
    The research focuses on food production systems, supply chains, and consumer needs, with the aim of optimise efficiency and sustainability when cultivating fruit, vegetables, grains, herbs, etc. 


  • Animal production systems:
    The research focuses on animal production systems in terms of livestock handling, husbandry practices, and animal welfare, aiming to optimize efficiency while ensuring the profitability of farmers and their commercial partners.


What is engineering in agriculture?
Engineering in agriculture involves applying principles from various engineering disciplines such as mechanical, electrical, and industrial engineering to optimise agricultural processes. It encompasses designing efficient irrigation systems, developing machinery for planting, and harvesting, and implementing sustainable practices. Ultimately, it aims to innovate and improve agricultural practices by not only integrating technological advancements with traditional farming methods.

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