About us

  • Specialise in the supervision of engineering postgraduate students.
  • Over 120 people in our group including lecturers, post-docs, PhD, Masters students and extraordinary lecturers.
  • We have supervised 400+ postgraduate degrees and published 400+ international peer reviewed publications


  • Satelite campus of the Faculty of Engineering.
  • We are situated in Silver Lakes, Pretoria East.
  • Our research enhances efficiency of operations in resources, logistics, energy, environment, health and safety.
  • We have over 30 years' experience in research on: industrial and mine efficiency, energgy, steel manufacturing, petrochemical, mining, software systems, publishing, etc.
  • Specialise in the supervision of engineering postgraduate students.
  • Full-time postgraduate study bursaries available.
  • Contribute to the training of human resources in technology;
  • Encourage academic excellence by striving for high research output;
  • Aim is to produce well-rounded engineers by developing practical career requirements such as technical, writing, presentation, marketing, management skills etc;
  • We provide practical engineering experience as well as hands-on mentoring to enable fast ECSA-registration; and
  • We promote academic creativity