Our programs are designed to reduce your study costs

  • Normally enrolling for a full course load would imply that the student will have two move to Potchefstroom and be in the office each workday during offove hours. This obviously brings the large cost of paying for accommodation in Potchefstroom. However, we deliberately designed our PGDip programmes to lump all the lectures for a module together into one lecture week where you have lectures throughout the work day. This means that students only have to travel to Potchefstroom and find accommodation here for one week for every module, i.e. eight weeks in total for all eight modules. (For the rest of the time you will study via the internet. For the exam you will have to travel to an exam centre near to where you live to write the exam). The NWU also offers affordable on-campus accommodation for your lecture week, including the Astrovilla self-catering units.
  • This programme design is intended to make it easier for you to work while you study, which means that you can fund your studies using your salary.
  • If you find the workload of studying and working fulltime too heavy, you can also spread your modules over two years


Our PGDip class fees

Your payable fees for any program can normally be found on the NWU website.

However, the study fees for our Nuclear PGDips for 2021 are not yet listed on the website. From the 2020 fees, a preliminary estimate of roughly R33,200 for all eight modules of the PGDip can be deduced.

Registration fees, which are available on the NWU website, should be added to this.


Try to get a nuclear industry job/bursary first

You will probably find that the best way for you to study is to hook up with a company in the nuclear industry before starting your studies:

  • Regardless of whether you get a bursary or a job from a nuclear company, you will start to build a valuable relationship with that company that will also include very valuable experience.
  • If you have a bursary with a company, they will normally automatically give you a job once you finished your studies, which is a huge benefit.
  • So, it is advisable to make joining up with such a company your first priority.

If you cannot find a job or bursary in the nuclear industry, you might want to try applying for an NRF bursary: they normally have freestanding bursaries, including for Honours, Masters and PhD studies. Since our nuclear PGDip is on the NQF level of an honours, it will also qualify.


The NWU merit bursaries

  • The NWU gives a merit bursary equal to your class fees for full-time students who got at least 65% in the final year of their previous studies. However, this bursary does not cover your registration fees.
  • Unfortunately, NSFAS bursaries are not available for postgraduate studies.