The focus here is on improving the performance of existing mitigation technologies for particulate matter, SO2 NOx, CO2 and Hg for South African coal characteristics and plant conditions. Masters and PhD studies can be pursued in topics related to the following research themes:

Electrostatic Precipitation (ESP)

Electrostatic Precipitation (ESP)

Operation of ESPs is studied experimentally with the aim of developing detailed numerical and empirical models. 

Electrostatic Precipitation (ESP) (Cont’d)

Electrohydrodynamic (EHD) flow phenomena

Electrostatic Precipitation (ESP) (Cont’d)

CFD modelling of electrostatic fields in an ESP

Fabric Filter Plant (FFP)

Fabric Filter Plant (FFP)

Experimental rigs at NWU

Fabric Filter Plant (FFP)

Capture of ash in bag filters is studied to determine
the required bag material properties.



Fly ash material analysis

Resistivity measurement facility at NWU. From left to right: Mr. Jandri Ribberink, Prof Hein Neomagus and Dr Dawie Branken.


Fly ash resistivity measurement

Desulfurization studies (wet and dry)

Desulphurisation studies

  • Both wet and dry desulfurization technologies are investigated. Current research themes include:
  • Modeling of wet flue gas desulphurization plants
  • Reduction of wet flue gas desulphurization water consumption
  • Modelling of dry flue gas desulphurization  using fluidized beds

Modeling of wet flue gas desulphurization plants



Sorbent Characterisation

Contact details:

Academic lead:

Prof Hein Neomagus
School of Chemical and Minerals Engineering
Tel: (018) 299 1991

Senior lecturers / Researchers:

Dr Dawie Branken
Tel: (018) 299 1953

Mr Louis le Grange
Tel: (018) 299 1664