Prof Fanie Terblanche

School Director
  018 299 1524
  Bulding G15-B, Room 101, Potchefstroom Campus
B.Sc, B.Sc Hons, M.Sc, PhD (Comp Sci), PhD (Industrial Engineering)
Optimisation in Finance, Mining, Telecommunications and Healthcare
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Ms Chantelle Du Plessis

Lecturer & Undergraduate Programme Manager
   018 285 2518
  Bulding G15-B, Room 104, Potchefstroom Campus
B.Eng (Mechanical Engineering) M.Eng (Development and Management Engineering)
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Dr Rojanette Coetzee

Senior Lecturer & Higher Degrees Programme Manager
  018 299 1663
  Building G15-B, Room 108, Potchefstroom Campus
B.Eng (Mechanical) M.Eng (Development & Management) PhD (Industrial Engineering)
Lean manufacturing, Human factors engineering
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Ms Chanel Bisset

Junior Lecturer
  +27 18 299 ****
  Building G15B
B.Eng (Industrial Engineering)
Engineering Economics
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Dr Edward Davies

Extraordinary Senior Lecturer
  +27 82 574 3893
  Building G15-B, Room 111, Potchefstroom Campus
ND, BTech, MTech (Electrical Engineering), DTech (Operations Management)
Automotive, Lean, Water and Energy Efficiency, Business Management
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Dr Hasan Darwish

Extraordinary Researcher
PhD (Development & Management Engineering) MA (Applied Ethics for Professionals) MEng (Project Management) BEng (Industrial Engineering)
Applications of the Fourth Industrial Revolution in Developing Countries
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Mrs Maria van Zyl

  018 285 2727
  Building G15-B, Room 115, Potchefstroom Campus
B.Eng (Industrial/Electronic Engineering) M.Eng (Industrial Engineering)
Health Systems Engineering

Mr Meelan Roopa

Junior Lecturer
  018 299 4025
  Building G15-B, Room 111, Potchefstroom Campus
B.Eng (Industrial Engineering)
Simulation Modelling, Business Engineering, Lean and Green philosophy
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Ms Mia Nandalall

  018 299 1314
  Building G15-B, Room 110, Potchefstroom Campus
B.Eng (Industrial Engineering), M.Eng(Industrial Engineering)
Operational excellence, with a focus on Lean philosophy and cultural aspects
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Dr Philip Venter

Senior Lecturer
  018 285 2220
  Bulding G15-B, Room 107, Potchefstroom Campus
PhD (Applied Mathematics); M.Eng & B.Eng (Mechanical); Hons B.Sc (Mathematics); B.Sc & Hons. B.Sc (Actuarial Science)
Mathematical and statistical optimisation of engineering processes, with main focus in thermal fluid science.

Prof Roelof Coetzer

Extraordinary Associate Professor
  +27 713542370
PhD Mathematical Statistics
Industrial Statistics, Data Science

Ms Salomien le Roux

School Administrative Officer
  +27 18 285 2527
  Building G15, Room 101, Potchefstroom Campus

Dr Teresa Hattingh

Senior Lecturer
   018 285 2726
  Building G15-B, Room 113, Potchefstroom Campus
PhD, MScEng, PGDip (Higher ED), PDM
The application of industrial engineering in emerging fields
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Mr Whisper Maisiri

  +27 18 285 2659
  Building G15-B, Room 112, Potchefstroom
B.Eng (Industrial & Manufacturing), M.Eng (Mechanical)
Industry 4.0 Skills development
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