BEng in Chemical Engineering: Core modules

First year level:

Academic Literacy Development
Materials and corrosion New module from 2019
Introduction to Computers and Programming                                                
Introductory Algebra and Calculus I
Introductory Inorganic and Physical Chemistry
Basic Physics I
Statics and Mathematical Modelling
Process Principles I
Structured Programming
Introductory Algebra and Calculus II
Organic Chemistry I
Basic Physics II
Practical Engineering Practice

Second year level:

Biotechnology I
Electrotechnics for Chemical Engineers
Analytical Chemistry II
Dynamics I
Differential Equations
Advanced Calculus I
Linear Algebra I
Understanding the Technological World
Chemical Thermodynamics I
Process Principles II
Organic Chemistry II
Numerical Methods
Engineering Analysis
Applied Linear Algebra
Engineering Communications

Third year level

Transport Phenomena I
Chemical Thermodynamics II
Biotechnology I
Particle Systems
Engineering Statistics
Numerical methods for Partial Differential Equations
Transport Phenomena II
Separation Processes I
Chemical Reactor Theory I
Process Modelling for Control
Plant Design I
Science, Technology and Society

Fourth Year Level

Biotechnology II
Separation Processes II
Chemical Reactor Theory II
Process Control
Plant Design II (year module)
Project (year module)
Vacation Training seniors