The Eskom Power Plant Engineering Institute (EPPEI) was established in 2012 and offers opportunities for research and post-graduation education in the power industry. Academic specialists at six leading universities, together with eight universities of technology in South Africa, work together with industry specialists to teach, mentor and guide our power industry students. This initiative provides for the upgrade of qualifications and skills of Eskom's engineers and technical staff.


Different specialisation centers were established at the 6 leading universities and include:

Emission Control – North-West University
Energy Efficiency – University of Cape Town
Combustion Engineering - University of the Witwatersrand
Materials Engineering - University of Cape Town
Plant Asset Management - University of Pretoria
High Voltage Engineering AC - University of the Witwatersrand
High Voltage Engineering DC - University of Kwa-Zulu-Natal
Renewable Energy – Stellenbosch University 

EPPEI Emissions Control Specialisation Center (EC SC) at NWU

The vision of the EPPEI EC SC is to

  • Assist Eskom in conforming with current and future environmental regulations, and to
  • Establish itself as the leading authority on the quantification and assessment of pollutant emissions from Eskom power plants as well as the technologies used to reduce these emissions to regulatory acceptable levels.

Collaboration with Universities of Technology

Formal academic collaboration between the NWU, Vaal University of Technology (VUT) and the University of Venda (UV) exists. The respective expertise and resources are combined in an association of excellence, which leads to specific collaborative research and training in the fields of Emissions Mitigating Technologies and Emissions Monitoring and Impact Assessments, to assist Eskom in meeting National Emissions Standards and International Greenhouse Gas Emissions reduction targets.