Ilanga Cup

19-21 July 2022

The Ilanga Cup takes place at Red Star Raceway, which is a 4km closed-circuit, technical track designed to have challenging corners that flow from the apex of one to the entry of another. This ensures a challenge for track users, while at the same time providing spectator value. Read more

Sasol Solar Challenge

3-16 September 2022

"In September 2022, South Africa will host more than a dozen professional and amateur solar car teams from around the world as they take on the Sasol Solar Challenge.

Now in its 14th year, teams take on the challenge to develop, build and drive solar-powered cars, with the ultimate goal of covering the most distance without using a drop of fuel. It alternates with the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge and has hosted some of the world’s leading teams as they test their vehicles ahead of the global event. Solar car teams typically partner with leading technology companies to test and develop cutting edge innovations during their participation at solar challenges," Read more