CRCED is a North-West University research institution situated in Pretoria and focuses on energy management and bio-engineering research. Energy management research includes industrial energy simulation, optimization, and systems development. The bio-engineering research focuses on metabolic or energy-related conditions such as cancer, diabetes and coronary heart disease.

With energy management and bio-engineering as its main focus, this centre’s mission is to:

  • Present postgraduate part-time and full-time study opportunities;
  • Contribute to the training of human resources in technology;
  • Academic excellence by striving for high research output;
  • Produce well-rounded engineers by developing practical career requirements such as technical, writing, presentation, marketing, management skills etc;
  • Practical engineering experience as well hands-on mentoring to enable fast ECSA-registration; and
  • Promote academic creativity in energy management and bio-engineering.

ESKOM (Energy Efficiency), ECSA (commitment and undertaking to facilitate the practical training of new engineering graduates) and internationally Principia Mathematica Inc (Simulation).

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