The Telenet research group is a focus group at the NWU Faculty of Engineering. The research done by the Telenet group is broadly within the area of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), with specific projects focusing on telecommunications, data networks, information security, and associated applications.

The Telenet research group manages a dedicated research laboratory, named the Shannon laboratory. This laboratory houses the Cisco Academy and specialized telecommunications research equipment, computers and experimental systems.

 The Telenet group is actively involved with industrial partners such as Telkom and GEW. Telenet has good relationships in national academia and some international academic networks, by actively participating in review panels of government departments, journals and conferences as well as acting as external examiners for other South African universities.

The Telenet group mainly receives funding from Telkom via the Telkom Centres for Excellence initiative. Telenet provides human resource development via the NWU postgraduate qualification programmes in the field telecommunications.

Contact details:

For more information on the research done by this group please contact prof. Albert Helberg at: