Welcome to the School of Mechanical Engineering. Our exciting profession is at the forefront of transformational innovations. The Mechanical Engineering programme maintains a good balance between training in the basic sciences, engineering science, and design. Great emphasis is placed on creative design so that engineers can apply their knowledge to find solutions to complicated problems.

Electromechanical Engineering

Electromechanical engineers bring the principles of electrical and mechanical engineering to the workplace. The main objectives of an electromechanical engineer are to manage and control the behaviour of various energy transfer interfaces, including electrical, mechanical, and chemical processes and machinery within an industrial environment. The fundamental electrical and mechanical knowledge will enable the electromechanical engineer to effectively manage a multidisciplinary plant or factory on a practical level and will assist the engineer to govern health, safety and quality principles in the industrial working environment.

Impactful Research

A range of videos will showcase the NWU Faculty of Engineering’s research which has an impact on society. In this video, Prof LJ Grobler explains how a spin-off company of the School of Mechanical Engineering called CFAM, has grown from strength to strength.


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Prospective students

  • Your application is considered on the basis of two factors: whether you meet the basic criteria (requirements that apply to both NSC and IEB), and how well you perform in the engineering test.

  • Our faculty uses an engineering test in addition to your school marks and post-school academic record to improve your chances of admission. This is not the same as the NBT test, nor is it a career guidance test. The engineering test was compiled by a team of engineers and other experts to test your ability to think like an engineer and to determine how comfortably you would function in the engineering context.

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