The phased return to schools, universities and workplaces requires daily screening of all people entering the premises. This process, needs to be auditable and a daily log of temperature data of each person on the premises needs to be kept. If this is done by hand, the screening process will take a significant amount of time, and may actually increase the risk of exposure if social distancing is not safely possible, and especially in winter months, the time spent queuing outside should be minimized.

Our solution requires that each person authorised to enter the premises is issued with an identification token, and that a point of entry is issued with an Android based cellphone, that is used to record the identity of the person, their temperature and whether or not they're wearing a mask. We do this by automatically reading the temperature display of the digital thermometer. We are currently busy with the implementation and we are in talks with a company to license the technology and take it to market.

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NWU engineers create solution for school-based Covid-19 screening congestion

Very few schools have adequate capacity to thoroughly screen and upload the records and status of every learner who enters the school premises. However, engineers at the Faculty of Engineering of the North-West University (NWU) have once again come up with a sustainable solution to do this in a much faster and more reliable manner. Read more

NWU help skole so om kinders 'tjop-tjop' te sif

Prof. Leenta Grobler, projekleier en spesialis in gesondheidsverwante ingenieursinnovasie aan die NWU, is self die ma van drie skoolkinders. Sy het Vrydag gesê sy kan haar net indink hoe moeilik dit sal wees wanneer kinders terugkeer skool toe en almal moet in ’n lang tou staan om deur die siftingsproses op ’n klaslys te gaan. Lees meer

North West University creates app to help with screening of learners

While there is a cacophony of voices on what needs to be done, the app can alert school management when a learner’s temperature is above the threshold. Read more

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