What is the Xcel-programme?

The Xcel-programme is a bridging program in preparation for engineering studies.
The program consists of two parts:

Mathematics and Physical Science (Basic Education)

  1. The Xcel-programme has small classes with only 20 available places. The selection for the Xcel program is, therefore, strict.
  2. The students have the opportunity to build new SBA marks (School-Based Assessment portfolio). The SBA is a portfolio of evidence that contributes to the final assessment in the matriculation examination.
  3. The students repeat the Grade 11 and 12 curricula (sometimes Grade 10 content is repeated as well). There are 10 hours of Mathematics and 10 hours of Physical Science class per week, as well as 2 hours of tutorial classes per subject per week. It is compulsory to attend all classes.
  4. The students write the NSC exam in Mathematics and Physical Science again under the supervision of the Department of Basic Education at a neighbouring high school. All classes are offered on the NWU campus.

University Subjects (Higher Education)

  1. ALDE111 and ALDE121 (Academic Literacy Development)
The Xcel students register for a single university subject (ALDE 111 and 121 - language, reading, and writing skills) and are thus NWU students. They must learn to take responsibility for the mastering of their subjects on their own and be part of large classes. They have to pass ALDE111 in the first semester to be allowed to continue with ALDE121 in the second semester. Therefore, students who fail ALDE111 will have to discontinue the Xcel-programme before the start of the second semester.
  1. CAD (Computer-Aided Design) and Programming

The students also attend two skill-orientated courses that prepare them for formal engineering programs. They have to 3D-print and demonstrate their designs to a panel of engineers, with an oral examination. This method of assessment is in preparation for their final year engineering project, which will be judged nationally by a panel of engineers.
During the Xcel year, the students learn to develop the correct study methods, study habits, and time planning. Individual academic and psychological support is available if needed.
We do not recommend hostel accommodation. The hostel activities usually conflict with the compulsory classes in the Xcel-programme.
Please contact Sonette Becker on 018 299 1318 to obtain the application form for the Xcel-programme or download the application form or see our brochure.


The impact of a second chance

A second chance to achieve better matric results may just be the key to a thriving career in engineering. Through the innovative Xcel-programme, the North-West University (NWU) is giving talented matrics whose final results stand in the way of their dream to become engineers the opportunity to pursue their passion. To learn more about the positive impact the Xcel-programme has already made, click here.