We are big on providing practical, hands-on exposure to our prospective students.

The NWU Faculty of Engineering hosts yearly holiday school, giving scholars the opportunity to gain practical exposure to the different disciplines of engineering – which is kind of cool, because it gives you the full picture of what lies ahead for you come graduation day. During this time, you will have the opportunity to live like a PUK, eat like a PUK and have fun like a PUK, all while learning what being an engineer is all about.

We are also pretty clued up when it comes to pioneering initiatives and innovations on an international level. Participating students will get the chance to experience these innovations first hand, and in turn acquire the practical experience needed to make the best possible career choice.

Engineering week dates for 2017: 

4-7 April

11-14 July

1-4 October


Download your application form here: Application form


Contact Angela Danster for more information and to apply: