How does the application process work?

Your application is considered on the basis of two factors: whether you meet the basic criteria, and how well you perform in the engineering test.

To be considered for Engineering, you must comply with the following minimum requirements:

  • Mathematics: Minimum of 70%
  • Science: Minimum of 60%
  • Language: Minimum of 60% for first or second language
  • APS count: Minimum of 31
  • Exemption: Gr. 12 exemption

Engineering test:

Our faculty uses an engineering test in addition to your school marks and post-school academic record to improve your chances for admission. This is not the same as the NBT test, nor is it a career guidance test. The engineering test was compiled by a team of engineers and other experts to test your ability to think like an engineer and to determine how comfortably you would function in the engineering context.

Apply online at the following link: Application information

Who should write the engineering test?

Fast-lane applicants:

If your marks for mathematics and science are at least 75% and you have an general average of 74% and a APS of 36, you are considered a fast-lane applicant and will only write the test during your January 2018 orientation week. The test results will be used for research purposes. However, you are welcome to write the test now if you prefer. If, for some or other reason, you don't comply with the requirements of the programme in the final examination, we would be able to use the results of the test to further advise you regarding your engineering studies.

Comply with minimum requirements:

If your marks comply with the minimum requirements of the engineering programme, but not with the fast-lane requirements, you have to write the test. If you fail to meet all of the requirements with your final NSC marks, or you marks are not as good as you expected, our engineering test will offer you an alternative means to access our programme. The test results will be used to map out the best options for your academic career to ensure success in your engineering studies.

Do not currently comply with minimum results:

You may also write the engineering test if, at present, you fail to comply with one of the set minimum requirements. The selection committee can use the test results and your school marks to recommend an academic plan with a view to gaining admission to engineering.


Final acceptance

Once the final matric marks have become available and you meet all of the minimum requirements, final acceptance is automatic.


What happens if I fail to comply with the minimum requirements by the end of matric?

If you fail to comply with the minimum requirements by the end of matric, the results of the engineering test will determine your final placement. The combination of your final marks, your APS, and the results of your engineering test will lead to one of the following decisions:

  • placement in the 4-year engineering programme
  • placement in the 5-year engineering programme
  • recommendation for you to be considered for placement in a corresponding BSc programme to prepare you for the engineering programme. If you decide to be transferred from a BSc programme to the engineering programme, your application will be considered according to merit
  • rejection if you fail to meet the BSc programme requirements. In this instance you can be considered for admission to the Xcel programme. This programme will give you the opportunity to rewrite the Maths and Science NSC examination while you are registered as a student at the NWU.


Contact details

Contact Sonette Becker to make a booking to write the test at: