Faculty of Engineering Bursaries Office

The bursaries office assists in the distribution of advertisements of every possible bursary or job opportunity in the field of Engineering via electronic media to every student, prospective student as well as students who have completed their studies at the NWU. If you want to receive information on available bursaries you can register on our database.

Please complete the following online form in order to receive the latest updates on bursaries and job opportunities: Database form

Contact details:

For more information contact Claudie Kroese at 018 288 1530 (claudie.kroese@nwu.ac.za) or Angie Danster at 018 299 1985 (angie.danster@nwu.ac.za).


* For more information on merits bursaries, sport bursaries, leadership bursaries as well as NSFAS you can contact Financial Support Services at 018 299 2047.