Prospective engineering students (either Grade 12 learners or learners who already completed Grade 12) who meet the minimum admission requirements and already applied for engineering at the NWU are invited to write the Engineering Test on any of the dates given below:

  • 5 October (NWU Potchefstroom)
  • 16 November (NWU Potchefstroom)

The Engineering Test is taken over one day and there is no registration fee associated with the writing of the Engineering Test at the NWU.

If you would like to register for the Engineering Test, please click here.

For any further inquiries, feel free to contact Sonette Becker at (018) 299 1318 or via email at

Fast-lane applicants

If your marks for mathematics and science are at least 70% and you have an overall average of 70% and an APS score of 34, you are considered a fast-lane applicant and will only be required to write the test during your orientation week in January 2020. The test results will be used for research purposes.

You are, however, welcome to write the test now if you prefer. If for some or other reason, you do not comply with the requirements of the programme in the final examination, we would be able to use the results of the test to further advise you regarding your engineering studies.

Comply with minimum requirements, but not a fast-lane applicant

If your marks comply with the minimum requirements of the engineering programme, but not with the fast-lane requirements, you have to write the test in 2019. If you fail to meet all of the requirements with your final NSC marks, or your marks are not as good as you expected, our Engineering Test will offer you an alternative means to access our programme. The test results will be used to map out the best options for your academic career to ensure success in your engineering studies.

Do not currently comply with minimum results

You may also write the engineering test if, at present, you fail to comply with one of the set minimum requirements. The selection committee can use the test results and your school marks to recommend an academic plan to gain admission to engineering.