The aim of the Women in Engineering (WiE) programme is to increase the number of female engineers who are available for industry to employ, to bring about gender equality in the workplace, and to provide fresh perspectives on the problems faced in industry. The objectives of this programme are:

  • To motivate, stimulate interest in, and improve access to engineering and related studies for South high school girls; and
  • To support, encourage and inspire existing female engineering students at the NWU, to successfully complete or further their studies.

We work towards this aim in a number of projects:

  • Femmegineer: a unique weekend course and exposure event, presenting the different faces of engineering as a career suitable to women. This year we are hosting a virtual event 10 – 14 August;
  • Modiragatsi: an innovation and problem solving competition aimed at high school girls, equipping them with valuable skills.


In the past Femmegineering was a unique weekend course and exposure event hosted, using the university’s facilities. A similar weekend was hosted by the NWU each year since 2015, with a very high success rate. This year we are hosting a virtual event, during the week of 10 – 14 August.

Grade 11 and 12 girls whose marks in mathematics and science indicate that they would be able to qualify for admission to an engineering programme, are invited to register. Read more about Femmegineering

Modiragatsi Competition

The Modiragatsi Competition is an innovation competition for South African girls between the ages of 16 -18, hosted by the NWU's Faculty of Engineering. 

The competition is a sponsored Woman In Engineering Initiative promoting young girls to get involved in the design and manufacturing industry, therefore, the competition is only open to female participants.

Read more about the Modiragatsi Girls Competition