Message from our Executive Dean:

"At the NWU Faculty of Engineering, we change the world for the better. We do this, first, by educating and developing exceptional engineers who can and want to change the world and, secondly, by finding answers to current and future real-life challenges of our industries and communities through our cutting-edge and applied research. We value our industry, academic, and community partners, who enable us to develop relevant, sustainable, multi-disciplinary solutions.

You are now one of the prospective exceptional engineers who will change the world together with us, in the long exciting student life journey ahead of you. It is your journey, and you alone can complete it. However, you are not alone. There are 350 other first-year engineering students, more than 1000 other engineering students, and many lectures and mentors with you.

Use this Registration & Orientation (R&O) to its fullest in the first step of your journey! Embrace every moment".

Regards, Prof Liezl


Welcome and congratulations to all our first years! Your journey to becoming an engineer starts now! Please take note of the following important information:

  • Our Registration and Orientation programme will take place from 16 to 17 February 2023

  • If you were accepted for a specific programme in Engineering, but would like to change programmes within Engineering, please register between 13 February and 3 March 2023 for the original programme you’ve applied for. After 3 March 2023 you are requested to contact the indicated first-year mentors to guide you through the process of changing from one Engineering programme to another.



Registration information

NWU registration information    

International students

Find the academic yearbook (with programme information) here

What must i pay? 


Possible registration problem: There is an undertaking that should be signed and if this is not signed, registration will be not be available. Please contact Bernice Mackenzie at 299 4026 for assistance in this regard. If the undertaking was signed, then please ensure that the minimum registration fees of R10 260 is available in the student account before registration will be finalised. 

Mathematics Refresher Course                 

 Information about the Mathematics refresher course.     

Classes and Timetables

 Classes and Timetables

Workshop Practice safety induction and preparation

All first year engineering students are required to complete a workshop practice safety induction and preparation assessment.