Prospective students in Engineering who have completed Grade 12 and do not meet all the minimum admission requirements will be invited to write the Engineering Test. An applicant can only write the test after being invited by the selection committee.
To be invited for the Engineering Test, you must meet at least the following requirements:

  • 65% for Mathematics,
  • 65% for Physical Science
  • 60% for Afrikaans / English (the language of instruction)
  • 31 APS

Applicants who have undertaken further studies after school must submit detailed and complete academic records of all post-school subjects enrolled as well as a detailed CV. The selection committee will then determine whether it is necessary to write the Engineering Test.

The Engineering Test can only be written by invitation.

When can you write the Engineering Test?

Prospective students who have to write the engineering test, will be contacted to schedule a suitable time slot. The engineering test is written online for your safety and comfort. You may write the test at your home, at a school or at any venue where you can arrange for a computer and internet access. You may use a desktop or laptop if you can ensure the following: 
  1. A quiet room - not you or anyone else is allowed to enter or leave
  2. A stable network
  3. A webcam
  4. Enough data (at least 5 GB)
  5. Cellphone with data

Prepare to be busy for at least 3 hours. We will communicate via e-mail how the test will be conducted.

Contact Sonette Becker via (018) 299 1318 or for any further information.