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The Cybathlon is a unique international competition that brings together people with physical disabilities to compete in obstacle races using advanced assistive devices, including robotic technologies. Organized by ETH Zurich, the event aims to promote the development of practical, user-friendly assistive technologies and foster dialogue between academia, industry, and end-users. Participants, known as "pilots," navigate a series of tasks that mimic daily challenges, using devices such as powered exoskeletons, brain-computer interfaces, and prosthetic limbs. The Cybathlon serves as both a platform for showcasing cutting-edge technological innovations and a celebration of human resilience and determination.



Our team is composed of a multi-disciplinary group, consisting of engineering professors, masters students, final year students, and experts in the field of human movement sciences from our own faculty. Between the professors and experts, new ideas for projects in the field of prosthetics are identified and with the help of the students, the project ideas are made a reality. Our team is extremely dedicated to the cause and very excited to compete in the Cybathlon in 2024. By working together with sights set on the goal, the team has been able to exceed expectations and have made great leaps in progress in the past year.  

Cybathlon TEAM

Engineers on track to take local innovations to Cybathlon in Switzerland